I am an artist predominantly working with photography, illustration and graphic design. 
My fine art photography practice explores the barrier between reality and fiction. Using contemporary technologies and photomontage techniques, I create images of constructed and imagined places which are fabricated, portraying a scene which does not exist and cannot be visited.
I have been photographing my Gran’s miniatures since 2017, various projects have evolved during this time, such as; miniature interiors and photomontages of miniature houses in fabricated environments. The ever expanding body of work uses the camera as a tool to conceal scale and truth. Fictional worlds are depicted as reality, expressing the deceptive quality of photography. Whilst having the desire to document my Gran’s creations, I strive to engage the public with this work by encouraging creativity and collaboration between generations.
I have studied photography in education for 7 years, recently completing a Masters degree at York St John University. I have successfully completed the training requirements to be recognised as an Adobe Certified Associate. 
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2020 - 2021 Solo Exhibition at Osborne's at 68, York
2019 Degree Show at York St John University 
2019 Spark, York
2018 'Life' York Teaching Hospital 
2018 '1:12' York St John University
2018 'Life' York St John University
2017 NHS Healing Arts Programme, Northumbria Hospital 
2016 Illuminating York
2016 Final Major Project, York College
2015 Cafe 68, York